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General Manager Jacqueline Mitchell

their hometown near Detroit. During her sojourns in Naples, she worked as a server for one of Naples’ hottest restaurant companies. The wine director for the company’s group of restaurants was her brother, Jeff. “I remember Jeff talking about opening his own restaurant, but I couldn’t take it seriously,” she says.  “It seemed like a dream.” After graduating, she embarked on a career in marketing and branding, working for boutique firms in Denver.  She kept in close touch with Jeff and their supportive family as he made plans for opening a restaurant that would be a first in Naples, a farm to table restaurant serving fresh, local food from sustainable farmers. She wanted to contribute to the close-knit family’s enterprise in the best way she knew at the time – artistically. As the aptly named The Local neared reality, branding was a necessity and Jeff requested a logo from the design firm where Jacqueline was employed. Five of the firm’s designers were put on the project, each creating a logo from which Jeff selected, blindly, to eliminate any perception of bias toward his sister’s work. He chose her logo. Jacqueline maintains that her branding for The Local transcended the brother-sister relationship and reflected her understanding of Jeff’s concept and the culinary philosophy they share. During another vacation in Naples, The Local was open, and Jacqueline planned to help out in the restaurant for the duration of her stay. Her first visit became a life-changing moment. “Jeff’s passion was coming to fruition, and it felt like it was where I needed to be, too,” she says. On her first day of work, Jeff was home battling a brief illness, and asked Jacqueline to take over. “I told our executive chef when we opened, that if the restaurant didn’t burn down, I was moving back to Naples and The Local, for good,” she laughs. She started her career at The Local like most beginners, serving diners and bussing tables. “There was no favoritism for the owner’s sister,” she asserts; it took close to a year for her to receive her promotion to front-of-the-house manager. Today, her well-honed professionalism from years of working in restaurants, combined with dedication to The Local’s mission, earns Jacqueline a top spot in the restaurant’s management. She also hits diners’ sweet spots, turning first-time guests into regulars with her enthusiasm and food knowledge.In addition, she continues to handle the restaurant's graphics, designing menus, advertisements and other promotional materials. “I love how we work around our farmers’ schedules. They bring us beautiful, fresh produce in the morning and Jeff designs a menu around our daily deliveries, local seafood and grass-fed beef,” she comments. “It trickles down to our servers, and gives us the privilege of nourishing our guests.”

Jacqueline Mitchell is the general manager at The Local, living her bliss.  Her extensive experience in restaurant management inspired an enduring passion for serving diners and working closely with chefs. Like her brother, Jeff Mitchell, The Local’s chef-owner, Jacqueline grew up in a family that valued home cooking, nightly family dinners and Sunday feasts for the extended family. Her mother is a dedicated home chef with the Italian preference for scratch cooking with local, seasonal ingredients. Food preparation and dining was central to the siblings’ childhood, and the kitchen was the heart of the home. An equally strong passion is Jacqueline’s creative drive, which led her to pursue a degree in ​graphic design at Florida Southern College, where she was noted for her creative installations and multi-media collages. Between semesters, she vacationed in Naples, Fla., where her family was based following a move from